Maintenance Training Organization (MTO) certified by EASA Part-147

IAT147 is the result of years of experience and passion in aeronautical maintenance and training. The experience gained directly at prestigious Approved Maintenance Organizations (AMO), certified by EASA Part-145, means that our approach to Training is to the reality of the job. IAT147 is an EASA Part-147 certified Maintenance Training Organisation (MTO), registered in Italy with approval number IT.147.0021. Our goal is to train Excellent Aircraft Technicians.

With IAT147 you have the possibility to:

Learn what you need to pass the exams for the basic modules, the maintenance techniques and all the practical tricks of the industry, which only those who really work as Aircraft Technicians can pass on. easily join Approved Maintenance Organisations (AMO), certified by EASA Part- 145 or Part-M, to complete the necessary part of the Basic Experience, which ranges from 3 to 5 years, depending on the category of Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML) required.

Note: no school can guarantee the achievement of the total amount required for the basic experience, necessary for the issue of the Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML); only the best Schools have a good network of contacts, which can concretely help. IAT147 has the possibility to place a good number of students, who need to complete the Maintenance Experience Recording Log (MERL), at Approved Maintenance Organizations (AMO), EASA Part-145 certified, which collaborate with us. Ask for assistance in completing the application (EASA/ENAC Form-19), for the Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML), as well as advice on the documents to be enclosed with the application by request assistance in carrying out the on the Job Training (OJT), which is required for the first type to be endorsed into Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML).

Note: Only an Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO), which is EASA Part-145 certified and specifically approved for OJT, may provide On the Job Training (OJT). IAT147 has the possibility to place a discrete number of students, who need to complete On the Job Training (OJT), with EASA Part-145- certified Approved Maintenance Organizations (AMOs) that cooperate with us. You can choose from various services, specially developed with your needs in mind.


Dear Students,

current EASA-certified training offer for Aeronautical Maintenance, which includes several organizations in Europe, and a few more foreign organisations, is developing worldwide in an attempt to meet the ever- increasing demand for specialised Technicians. Within this scenario, there are few organizations that are able to provide both Basic Training (BT) and Type Training (TT); the number becomes even smaller when it comes to the possibility of providing Skilled Worker (SW) courses and Type Training for professionals and Crew Specialists for operational missions. IAT147 can fill this because we know our business and can adapt our courses to all the needs of our students and employees. The goal is to be the point of reference for any training need and requirement in the aviation.